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Are you ready to break free from the monopoly of the utility company? Do you love the constant raising of rates and surcharges, the lack of communication that your years of loyalty have bought you? For many years people have been searching for better and more efficient ways to supply homes and business with electrical energy. We know by now that trying to garnish energy with fossil fuels is bad for the environment. And, on the other hand, we know by now that energy generated with fossil fuels is bad for the environment. This should not be new news to most people.

At Boise Solar Panel Savers we want to put a new option on the table. A better, option, a cheaper option, an option you can own. Installing Solar Panels will give you the opportunity to harvest the energy you need in a way that is cost-efficient and beneficial to the environment.

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We are a company that was created by a group of entrepreneurs that are true pioneers in the solar energy sector. While these days solar energy may not be the newest thing on the block Boise Solar Panel Savers is unique in our approach to helping homeowners save money and gain control of their electricity. Lets face it electricity has become a necessity of life in our modern society. Our goal very simple, bring clean and cheap energy to everyone!

We specialize in the installation and maintenance of solar panels and solar energy systems. We have dedicated our business to finding the best solar panels saving available to residents of Boise by looking at Federal and State tax incentives, grants, and individual utility solar incentives in Boise. Many companies will sell you solar and then turn around and sell the contract to install to another company leaving you to wonder who will take care of any problems should they arise. By keeping the entire solar process in house we are able to not only offer guarantees you can count on but lower prices than our competitors as well!

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Solar Panel Cost in Boise

There is pretty much a common idea going around that installing solar panels is quite a costly endeavor. While that may have been true at the start of the solar power industry prices have dropped considerably in the last couple of years. This is thanks to advances in solar power technology and a massive ramp up in production of the solar panels themselves. The cost of solar panels in Boise can vary depending on the size of the panel and the maker of the panel. Also whether you prefer imported panels or made in the USA! regardless of what your preference or needs are we have you covered with the most cost effective solution to meet your solar electricity needs.

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Solar Power Boise Idaho

Solar Power in Boise Idaho may not seem like a viable solution since it isn't sunniest state in America. Let’s be completely honest is not even close to being the sunniest state. That doesn’t mean though that installing solar panels is a bad idea. Solar panels do not necessarily need an excess of sunlight to be able to power homes. Most people would actually be surprised at the fact that places like Boise and cities that don’t seem to get a lot of sunlight may actually be better suited to host solar systems. Even Facebook© is investing into over 400 MW of solar power in Idaho to power its data centers!

I have had solar panels installed by Boise Solar Savers for years and honestly, the only thing that I regret is not calling them sooner! I truly recommend their services!
Tim J.

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​Idaho Solar Incentives

A lot of people worry about the cost of these systems and they don’t realize they can actually benefit from their installation. Idaho even gives residents a $20,000 tax incentive and they can potentially qualify for a way bigger tax return if they install solar panels in Boise on their home. We are constantly checking on what incentives are available to residents of Boise for solar power installations and we keep an updated fact sheet here: Idaho Solar Incentives in Boise. Find out what incentives you may qualify for by receiveing a free solar quote!

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Cost of Installing Solar Panels

Cost of solar panels is only part of the cost that must be considered when looking into the cost of installing solar panels on your home. There is also the cost of the work to install the solar system: permitting, electricians, inspection, inverters to conver the DC power to AC and usually an upgrade to the panel and breaker box of your home to allow the solar to flow into your home. Our team of expert installers have installed hundreds of systems making us uniquly preppered to handle any situation that could arise as we are installing the solar power system on your home.

I always thought that solar energy panels were very expensive until I called Boise Solar Panel Savers. They really explained all of the benefits that I could obtain from installing a solar energy system. I ran the numbers and I was convinced that it was the best way to go. I fully recommend going with Boise Solar Savers to install your solar panels.
Brad S.

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Solar Panels Nampa

Finding a local company in Nampa that is certified to be able to install solar panel systems is not as easy as you may think. Like we mentioned a lot of companies these days now want to jump on the solar energy bandwagon. The problem is that not all of them have the expertise or even the equipment to guarantee that your solar energy system will continue to work properly for years to come. The last thing that you would want is to see your investment go down the drain. At Boise Solar Panle Savers we can help the residents of Nampa install solar panels and gurantee a great price with a reliable company!

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Solar Panels Meridian

Our local solar panel experts are often visiting Meridian area homes or business to evaluate whether we can install solar panels on the location or not. For the most part, the answer is always yes. To be sure that your house or business will qualify for solar we have to check on a few things about your property and ensure it has the right access to sunlight without obstruction and we also need to check on your eligibility for solar panel instillation incentives. We also will work to get your installation approved by local authorities.

Don’t buy that line that you won’t get enough energy because we don’t get enough sun in Boise. My family and I have been using solar panels installed by Boise Solar Panel Savers and we have never had to worry about power outages or issues!
Susan L.

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Are you looking for a trustworthy company to handle the installation and maintenance of your solar energy panels? If so, then we would love to be considered to help you out. Call or fill out or easy short form to request your free solar quote today and we can discuss the possibility of installing solar panels with one of our expert solar consultants. We can answer all the questions that you may have about solar and how it works including available incentives and cost then we can come and check your home to determine wether or not it is a good fit for solar!