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The cost of solar panels is a common question that most Idahoans will have as they start to look into wether or not solar is right for them and their home or business. There is not a standard answer because there are many factors that can affect the individual solar panel cost. Some of these factors are where is the solar panel made. China, Japan and the United States are the main producers of high end solar panels that are used in quality solar power installations and the price can vary due to the import cost or cost of making them domestically. The size and output of the panel will also affect the cost of the panel, larger panels that produce more energy cost more then smaller panels. They type of panel will also affect cost as well. The easiest way to explain this without getting to techy is the difference between the blue colored, black colored and shingle typed solar panels. At Boise Solar Panel Savers our commitment to you is that we will look at your individual needs and preferences to determine the best solar panel solution that will create the best value and return of investment.

What Goes Into Solar Panel Cost?   

The good news first! Special programs are available that allow residents to go solar for $0 down when they choose to finance a system. The exact price is not possible to quote because each system is different but a good rule of thumb is that if you choose to finance the solar system it will be cheaper than the current electric bill you have and once it is paid off you will own it free and clear. Now the not so good news that we feel compelled to tell everyone looking into solar. Some solar companies will disguise or miss a lot of the charges that will be necessary to install a solar panel system. This is due to many solar companies actually only being a sales company who will then turn around and sell the install to another company. Because of this many things can be missed or misrepresented. It also increases the cost each time your project changes hands! We handle the entire process in house which allows us to give better prices. Couple that with the bulk discounts we get for buying equipment by the shipping container and Boise Solar Panel Savers is able to give you the competitive price the big companies can but with the local support and service you can rely on.

How Do I Get A Solar Panel Savings Quote?

There are some companies out there that will outright say they can provide a quote online. We won't make promises that we can’t. We need to be able to know where it is that you want to install the solar power system wether that is on your home or on a ground mounted system. We need to do an inspection of the property to ensure that it can structurally support the load of the solar panel. We also check your electrical system to ensure that we can hook the solar up to it with or without upgrading parts of it. There is no way to determine the size of the system until we have a chance to look at your electrical usage that way we can know exactly home many solar panels it will actually take to be able to set up a system that will be provide enough energy to power your home or building. Only then can we truly give you an accurate quote for our services!

What If I Am Only Looking For Solar Backup Power?

Obviously, if you are looking for a smaller installation that will only be used to power a specific device or other electrical appliances, but not your entire home the price will vary. When you call or contact us make sure that you mention the fact that you are only looking to power a specific electrical appliance. That way we will be able to provide a quote that goes according to your specific needs. These installations are also usually a lot faster to take care off than having to install numerous panels all over your roof!

Solar Power Payment Plans  

Since we are talking about costs we would also like to let you know that we offer a wide variety of payment plans and options. As we said, there are a lot of people that up to now have stayed away from solar panels because they believe that they just can’t afford them!

Almost all homeowners will be able to qualify for solar wether you want to pay for solar with cash, equity or finance the cost of the system our goal will be to ensure that you save money and get freedom from the monopoly of the utility company with a custom system for solar power in Boise Idaho!. Call or contact us to find out about all of our latest payment plans and options!

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